7/5/17 Great News! The short film that I produced in mid June is now in post. It's called NPaRMy and tells the story of a couple who have followed through with their decision to move to Canada if a certain politician gets elected. The short takes place about 6 months into their move and the wife is now regretting the choice.

3/26/17-3/31/17  *Ended March with a five day multi spot booking for Ca Tech where we shot in the Bay Area and I was attached at the hip to those knuckleheads in the picture on the right. 

8/10/17 *I have put together a cool new reel of business and office roles. My editor TW did a fantastic job.

4/1/17 *A still from the April Fools Quilted Northern spot I did with Chris Smith from Radical Media. A spoof on the FitBit craze where the wearable tech monitors your "sits" on the toilet.  (you can view it on my Reel page on this site) 

Nicole Ghastin
Actress, mom, and forever the 9 year old checking out way too 
many books she believes will be life changing from the library.

9/20/16 *Be on the look out Georgia! I have a regional spot headed your way this fall for Georgia Natural Gas! I was thrilled to be working with one of my favorite directors again, Kevin Smith, and the wonderful folks at Backyard Productions.

4/6/17 * My episode of Sun Records aired!

If you didn't catch it, it can be downloaded on CMT. It turned out great and was such an honor to have worked with 2 time Oscar nominated director Roland Jofee.

* My family on the Natural Gas Shoot.

3/15/2017 *shot with my dear friend and fantastic actor/director James Huang.