9/25/17 *NPaRmy has finished and is hitting the festivals! My husband Marc Ketchem (3 time Nicholl Award quarterfinalist) wrote it and I starred in it.  Here's a clip! 

3/15/2017 *shot with my dear friend and fantastic actor/director James Huang. 

3/26/17-3/31/17  *Ended March with a five day multi spot booking for Ca Tech where we shot in the Bay Area and I was attached at the hip to those knuckleheads in the picture on the right. 

4/6/17 * My episode of Sun Records aired!

If you didn't catch it, it can be downloaded on CMT. It turned out great and was such an honor to have worked with 2 time Oscar nominated director Roland Jofee.

* My family on the Natural Gas Shoot.

Nicole Ghastin
Actress, mom, and forever the 9 year old checking out way too 
many books she believes will be life changing from the library.

9/20/16 *Be on the look out Georgia! I have a regional spot headed your way this fall for Georgia Natural Gas! I was thrilled to be working with one of my favorite directors again, Kevin Smith, and the wonderful folks at Backyard Productions.

9/24/17 ​* My latest cuts of my theatrical reel. Long version and shortened version. Shortened is on the top.